Hey there! 👋

I’m James Gallagher.

I am a self-taught full-stack web developer, and entrepreneur. I taught myself to code at the age of 8 and ever since have been working on interesting side-projects. I am currently based in the United Kingdom.

I am a publicly traded person. I sell shares in myself in exchange for the ability to vote on decisions in my life. So far, shareholders have voted on everything from my moving to a pescatarian diet, to purchasing a Major League Baseball subscription.

I am also the CEO of Open Commit, a Code-Review-as-a-Service platform for developers. We pair developers with expert code reviewers who write comprehensive and actionable reviews of their code, on-demand.

In addition, I am also an editor and writer at Maker Mag. I have written about everything from maker communities, to fundraising as an indie maker, and have written an interview with a VC. At Maker Mag I have also helped recruit writers, manage the community, and developed internal editorial policies.

I am interested in anything related to capitalism, technology, business, or education. I frequently Tweet about these topics, and am always open to having a conversation about these topics too. As a publicly traded person, I have acquired some really interesting insights into the spirit of capitalism that I love sharing with people.

Contact me

You can reach me on Twitter @jamesg_oca. Or you can email me.