Life Stack

This is a list of the apps and web services that I use on a frequent basis. Last updated: March, 2019


Superhuman – I was referred to Superhuman last year and have used the product ever since. They have completely reinvented the way that we look at email, and made it easier than ever to manage your inbox.

Todoist – I like to keep a simple to-do list for my daily tasks, and Todoist is the only solution that I have found that meets my needs. I am not a premium subscriber, but I do enjoy using the service and may consider upgrading in the future.

Slack – I am in a variety of different Slack communities and use it for work and to communicate with people in Pioneer and in other communities.

PocketCasts – The world’s most powerful podcast player.

Spotify – Spotify is my main music platform that has all of the music I like to listen to.

Discord – I participate in a number of online technology and business communities on Discord.

Notion – Notion is my main note-taking app used for both personal and work-related notes.

Airtable – I use Airtable to track my life (more information coming soon), my investments, JamesG Trading, and a few other things.

JamesG Trading

Stripe – Stripe is an easy-to-use payments system for developers, offering advanced fraud detection and payment management systems.

Highcharts – A tool for making powerful interactive charts.

JamesG Trading – Custom-built site that I crafted in my spare time, based on the fundamental concepts of the stock market. I have also open-sourced this site and API here.

MailChimp – Marketing email platform used for weekly shareholder updates.

SendGrid – Transactional email platform used for platform-related emails.

Twitter – JamesG Trading is integrated with Twitter to post automated Tweets after questions are created and completed.


MacBook Air –  I have a 13-inch MacBook Air connected to an external monitor, an Apple Keyboard, and a SteelSeries mouse. My Mac meets my specific needs for a computer and was relatively cheap in comparison to other models.


Here are the main tools I use for programming (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Atom (IDE)
  • Hyper (Terminal)
  • Fork (Version control)
  • Figma (Design)
  • GitHub (Code hosting)
  • DigitalOcean (Server hosting)
  • Heroku (App and DB hosting)
  • Postman (API management)
  • PostgreSQL (Databases)